In the fall 2022 schedule that will close out the year, new anime made their debut. Among these, the most anticipated adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga was distributed on Crunchyroll. The beginning of Chainsaw Man was with a bang, but subsequent episodes certainly haven't lessened the suspense.

The relationships created between the different characters help to make this anime fun, with all the protagonists of Chainsaw Man managing to shine in one way or another and show their special character. Aki Hayakawa also manages to show up in this world where death seems to lurk around every corner. The devil hunter in Makima's service seems to be very talented and instantly became one of the anime's symbols.

It will now be called. The Kon is not used in this situation to summon the fox, but to bring it into reality Aki Hayakawa cosplay from Chainsaw Man that went viral. In fact, a few days ago the video of Jams0 started shooting on Tik Tok, which, obviously supported by many digital graphics, created this Aki while conjuring up his famous giant white wolf and posing with his fingers crossed as if he were watching in the anime episodes .

And now new challenges await Aki.

@.jams0 AKI HAYAKAWA #chainsawman #akihayakawa #aki #akichainsawman ♬ son original - Jams

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