The release ofStar Wars: The High Republic officially entered a new era in the timeline of the universe created by George Lucas, when the High Republic assured serenity to all systems under his leadership, in which the Jedi Order was extremely powerful and the Side Dark of the Force had been for a moment suppressed.

While the comic book series is working on the presentation the training of young Padawanswhose life was turned upside down by a disaster caused by enemies known as Nihil, the two novels published, The light of the Jedi and into the darkhave focused on other elements and paved the way for new developments. In particular, the second book, written by Claudia Gray, deepened the mission of four Jedi and showed dramatic events such as the apparent death of a companion that brought the protagonists closer to the path of the Gray Jedi or even to the Order's new class, the Trailblazers.

Alla psychological complexity behind the decisions of the four young Jedi, also joins the introduction of other characters, two of which are particularly reminiscent of the smuggler and commander of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, and his co-pilot Chewbacca. Author Gray used the presence of Leox and Geode, counterparts of the two historical characters in the Skywalker saga, to create scenes and scenes Comic interludes that can show the growth of relationships between the protagonists.

To complete the whole there is the component associated with the antagonists. In this innovation of the expanded Star Wars universe, two new types of enemies have appeared, the first the Nihil, space raider with advanced technologyand authors of the disaster that blocked space travel and, on the other hand, the gigantic plants called Drengir, which are powered by the dark side of the Force and are therefore a symptom of a likely and imminent return of the Sith. The events presented by Into the Dark took place the basis for complicated and intricate stories, able to forever upset the story of the distant famous galaxy.

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