The last chapter of Dragon Ball Super He had left us with a twist, the sudden appearance of Merus after witnessing the sensational defeat of the Z warriors by the wizard Molo, who became more powerful thanks to the absorption of Vegeta's powers. But another character also surprised the fans: Dende.

Faced with the introduction of divine and higher beings far beyond the plane of the God of earth Dende has always played a marginal role However, during the new series in the universe created by Akira Toriyama, he managed to assert himself in the fight with Molo and take care of all the heroes who were knocked down by the planet eater.

In Chapter 63 we saw Gohan wake up and Dende was busy resuscitating Goku, who, due to his deep wound and immense ki, needs more focus and time than the others.

Thanks also to the intervention of the angel Merus, Dende then managed to give the planet a second chanceAfter Goku has fully restored the protagonist's energies, he gives "Kami-sama" full confidence and entrusts him with the lives of his companions in order to continue the fight.

Recall that Whis and Berus are back with new plans and it looks like Goku is finally ready for the full Ultra Instinct.

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