My Hero Academia has only killed a few characters so far, despite having waited a long time for All Might to die. However, the hero who was the backbone of society does not participate in this battle between hero and villain in which we have them Try to get a faction on one side and a Shigaraki faction on the other.

With the Chapter 281 of My Hero Academia but another death arrives. The story continues with Shigaraki's monologue, who remembers the words of his father who, after leaving his mother, Nana Shimura, still brings hatred for the heroes. Shigaraki grew up watching the advocates of justice give up everything to save society.

The new supervillain avoids Endeavor's attack and rushes towards him, but Gran Torino manages to stop him. Only temporarily when Shigaraki first grabs and destroys the old man's leg and then slams him to the ground to punch him in the stomach, seriously damaging him and probably kill him also. In this very brief period, Gran Torino remembers its past and the moment when Tenko's father was abandoned and Shimura wept over that election.

While Gran Torino is leaving usDeku gets angry and hits Shigaraki, who avoids him. After he also got rid of Ryukyu, the villain is stopped again by the protagonist. With Black Whip, Midoriya completely blocks him and Endeavor rushes towards him to hit him with another attack. However, at the end of My Hero Academia 281 Shigaraki throws an anti-quirk bullet that he had hidden towards Aizawa. What effect will the bullet have on the professor? In the meantime, enjoy the cover of My Hero Academia 28.

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