The war between the rebel forces led by the Mugiwara and the pirates of the Hundred Beasts draws ever closer. The numerical inferiority was partially tempered by Otama's invitation, which allowed the Gifters to switch sides. However, since Luffy is not on the battlefield, victory is far away for the protagonists ONE PIECE.

At different levels of Many battles take place at Onigashima Castle. On the live floor, Sanji engages in a personal confrontation with Queen, however, thanks to her cybernetic transplants, she seems decidedly stronger than the cook. A few steps away from this fight, Chopper is about to heal Zoro with a mysterious and harmful medicine. Will the swordsman resolve the situation before his captain arrives?

Franky and Jinbe, on the other hand, emerged victorious from their respective fights with Tobiroppo Sasaki and Who's Who. The Carpenter and Helmsman can now rush to the rescue of their teammates. In ONE PIECE 1041, the clash between Kaido and Yamato has begun, intending to sever ties with his father and allow the rebel forces to survive until Luffy's return. Despite unleashing the power of the Inu Inu fruit, however, Yamato appeared to be in deep trouble.

In ONE PIECE 1042, Nico Robin ended up in Black Maria's trap, prompting the archaeologist to relive the horrific memories of Ohara and the moments before the buster call. The same fate will now befall Brook ONE PIECE 1043. In the next episode of the anime series, Brook meets the pirate Rumba and his old friend Lovon. However, his old friends will try to attack him. Brook will drown in memories or will he be able to break free from the delusion he has fallen into?

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