The Prince of Saiyans is certainly the character who most of all evolved during the long race of Dragon Ball. Although his pure wickedness is now a distant memory, there is still an element that has never changed in the heart of Vegeta. Toyotaro, in the last chapter, wanted to remark precisely on this detail.

Finally, Vegeta has reached the battlefield, not without a sensational surprise effect dictated by teleportation, the iconic technique of Goku. The security shown by the saiyan, however, seems to be a prelude to a great new power, the result oftraining on the planet Yardrat. And if so, this would also be the first time that Vegeta truly surpasses the eternal rival, becoming in fact the true protagonist of the clash with Pier.

At the end of the training, moreover, the yardratiani take advantage of it to comment on the results obtained by the proud prince, who not only learned the instant transmission in a few minutes as opposed to the whole month spent by Goku, but he even reached an incredible level . In this case, the inhabitants of the alien world point out Vegeta to a real prodigy, a talent born for hard work. And the results obtained in all these years are nothing more than the synonym of his constant perseverance.

The sensei, moreover, recovers this parenthesis directly from the first meeting between the Prince and Goku, at the time of their first duel, in which the saiyan reveals to the protagonist that not only "hard work" is enough to obtain great results, but it is necessary to have also the talent to overcome obstacles that would otherwise be unattainable. And judging fromVegeta trainingas well as at all the steps that the saiyan has taken without any sort of help, we could reiterate again that he is nothing but a full-fledged prodigy.

And you, however, what do you think of his talent far superior to that of Goku, do you agree? Tell us your opinion, as usual, with a comment below.

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