Much of the anime and manga industry stopped in Japan. The Coronavirus and the emergency measures taken by the Shinzo Abe government did not in fact allow the usual dubbing method that is used in Japanese productions. For this Pokémon: Exploration has stopped, with the suspension until a date to be destined.

The Japanese Twitter page of Pokémon: Explorations is keeping company with its fans, so as not to lose interest in the new series that started in November 2019 and which is now grappling with a retransmission of the first episodes. In recent days, the protagonists of Pokémon celebrated the Kodomo no Hi, while today the production asks fans how they are behaving during the quarantine.

In doing so, an illustration of one of the animators of the series that presents the two new protagonists appeared on the page of the Pokémon: Explorations anime, Go and Rabootintent on spending a day at home. Raboot observes his master while Go looks at a smartphone with a cover that is very reminiscent of a Rotom.

Meanwhile, do not miss the latest spoilers that tell us what Ash Ketchum's next challenge will be.

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