Pokémon: discovered a fossil that looks like a Bulbasaur

Pop culture in recent years has had a transversal expansion, contaminating areas that previously snubbed a world considered pure entertainment and nothing more. The last hero of our times is the paleontologist Christian Kammerer who in 2017 wanted to amaze the academic world by baptizing a fossil with a quote to Pokémon.

In 2017, from an excavation in South Africa, a species never classified so far, older than even dinosaurs, was discovered. The paleontologist, as a huge fan of Pokémon, jumped at the opportunity to call it Bulbasaurus (Bulbasaurus phylloxyron), among other things, creating an official artwork that thanks to the bush behind it is very reminiscent of the seed Pokémon Bulbasaur.

In an interview he later stated that it is a common taxonomic practice to exploit the most important characteristics of the species and then give it a name. In this case Bulbasaurus, i.e. reptile from the bulb, would indicate the bulbous nose-like protrusion e phylloxyron, union of the words blade and leaves, the sharp beak that he used to cut his meals. Finally, however, he admitted that if someone maliciously wanted to read between the lines about certain coincidences, it would certainly not stop them from doing so.

What do you think of this nice quote, will it really be just a coincidence? We remind you that Pokemon: Explorations is temporarily paused due to the coronavirus. If you want to know more about the next episodes, take a look at what Ash's next challenge will be.

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