It's definitely been a tough week for My Hero Academia fans. Due to the Weekly Shonen Jump hiatus, the chapters were released every other week in the past month. But now this period seems to be over and therefore the time has come to attend the new weekly story prepared by Kohei Horikoshi.

I came online first spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 270, which resumes the events concerning the battle between the Shigaraki group and the professional heroes. In addition to some summaries, some images have been revealed that present us with one sort of dream of Tomura Shigaraki. The boy who was beaten in previous chapters remembers his family, father and grandmother. Somehow, everyone seems to be trying to block him while he makes use of his power to disintegrate everything.

Also, there appears to be someone who wants to lend power to Shigaraki by communicating it telepathically, and that someone could be All for One. On the other side of the battlefield is Izuku Midoriya. In the evacuated city, together with his companions, he is crossing the crosswalks while he seems to notice a problem. On the last page the boy thinks that his One for All is weakening.

The protagonists of My Hero Academia to face this crisis created by Shigaraki?

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