Weekly Shonen Jump returns with the number 23, after a month of April marred by pauses on pauses motivated by different causes. And with this new release that will be published on MangaPlus on Sunday 10 May at 18:00, fans can welcome back with open arms ONE PIECE and its chapter 979.

After a cover that sees Luffy protagonist together with the other characters of Weekly Shonen Jump, we can see some images of chapter 979 at the bottom, as well as some more full-bodied spoilers than those disclosed in recent days. The mini adventure on the cover is still dedicated to Dressrosa, with the Tontatta who notice a wrecked ship. The title of ONE PIECE 979 is "Family problems".

We then return to the Six Flying Warriors, in the presence of Kaido and the Three Calamities. Black Maria, the largest of the group, understands that the problem arises from Yamato, son of Kaido. After a comment from Ulti, the emperor will grant them the opportunity to face one of the three stars if they manage to bring their son in front of the father in a peaceful way. Who's Who is happy with the proposal made.

Then the scenario changes with the samurai and Luffy who continue the infiltration in Wanokuni, while the Kaido soldiers continue the celebrations without realizing that there is an invasion of 5000 men unrelated to their ranks. Nico Robin and Jinbe wander around the place together, while Luffy gets angry and starts chasing Kidd. While Nami and the others are convinced that their captain will make even more mess, Zoro hurries to follow him to avoid causing him damage. However, the crew's reaction suggests that Zoro will be lost shortly thereafter.

On the final page, Luffy joins some celebrations and sees the waste of food perpetrated by the pirates of the Hundred Beasts and, looking back on Tama and his food shortage, he launches a threatening look. The latest cartoon unfortunately also announces one pause for ONE PIECE, who will then return in two weeks.

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