February 6th is a special day in the world of ONE PIECE as we celebrate the birthday of one of the most popular members of the Straw Hat crew: Nico Robin.

If you are a fan of ONE PIECEThen you've probably searched for the respective birthdays of the strangest pirates at least once to see which member of the Mugiwara might share the same day or month of birth.

But even if you haven't, fear not, we are here to remind you that today February 6this celebrated on the day of the birth of Miss All Sunday aka Nico Robin.

Robin was introduced to us as an opponent of the crew in the Alabasta saga under the pseudonym Miss All Sunday or Vice President of Baroque Works and right-hand man of Crocodile and was the seventh Member of the Mugiwara (Sixth if we exclude Luffy) to join the group.

Robin is the sole survivor of the world government's attack on Ohara Island, a place of archaeologists devoted to the study of the Poignee Grips. He will continue the tradition by asking too Search for the truth about the mystery of the hundred years of the great void.

It is in possession of the power given to it by the Fior Fior fruit that allows it to duplicate the various parts of the body such as hands, arms and legs to the bitter end and make them appear on any surface.

To this day he travels with Luffy and the rest of the crew he now considers to be his family.

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