Since the inception of My Hero Academia, there has been a lot of talk of a character who may or may not exist. After an initial attack on the Yuei, which was not explained by the Newborn League of Villains, Director Nezu's hypothesis about the presence of a Spy in the prestigious high school for aspiring heroes.

After nearly 300 chapters of My Hero Academia, this question has not yet been answered by the author Kohei Horikoshi. Student or professor? Caretaker or an alternative option? Let's go over the numbers that have been at the center of fan rumors and theories.

The The first name that fans targeted was Denki Kaminari, the electrician we've seen at work several times. The reasons lie in his connections to a possible villain and some even noticeable gestures that seemed reminiscent of the Quirk Liberation Army. He has long been labeled a spy, even though he appears to have confirmed his affiliation with the hero front during the recent My Hero Academia narrative arc.

Another character that has caught the attention of fans is Yuga AoyamaThe mysterious knight with the laser protruded from his navel and caused severe stomach cramps. Aoyama was a character who was previously excluded from the main group and has been creepy several times, but his character doesn't seem to be compatible with that of a spy for the time being unless he plays a completely different character.

Likewise Toru Hagakure was believed to be the My Hero Academia spy. The invisible girl could easily have infiltrated the top secret and forbidden locations of the Yuei Academy to steal information, thanks to her quirk. Finally too Minoru Mineta has returned to be among the suspects, if more from fan criticism of the character itself than from overwhelming hints.

Sure, My Hero Academia's recent arc seems to have put the spy aside entirely, but it could still be there, waiting for the right moment to show up.

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