Among the myriad of brands that have managed to capture millions of readers and viewers around the world over the decades is the epic of NarutoIt was shown that it was able to arouse the interest of a very large audience first through paperwork and then through an anime adaptation.

The franchise has spawned countless themed productions over the years, including anime, manga, spin-offs, video games, films, and more, to always maintain the interest of an audience that has not done so. I have never stopped using IP with cosplay and to praise Fanart, which were often done with great attention.

In view of its success, countless companies have dedicated themselves to developing thematic devices that could arouse the interest of the most keen collectors, including Impression Studio, which recently came under the spotlight thanks to the presentation of a magnificent themed statue. Naruto is dedicated specifically to Itachi Uchiha. As can be seen in the news, the product is shows our Uchina pose, ready for an apparently powerful attack, an extremely refined piece of work characterized by an excellent end result. According to the company, the statue can be pre-ordered for 240 euros - excluding shipping costs - while its release is currently scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that a great character was recently unveiled to bring us back to the origins of Naruto.

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