The bi-monthly of Shueisha Saikyo jump recently released the recap of both episodes that make up the new My Hero Academia OAV, which will be released on August 15th at 5:00 pm on Crunchyroll Italia entitled "Survive! A Critical Training!" is published.

The summary of the first episode is as follows: "Before receiving her temporary hero's license, 1-A goes through a difficult hostage rescue simulation. The process takes place in a burning supermarket. The aim is to extract all of the mannequins that are used to represent the hostages. However, during the search the country gives way and Ten students are trapped under the rubble! Deku and his companions have to band together and find an escape route. However, Bakugo's priority is still taking hostages ...".

The summary of the second episode, however, is as follows: "Deku and his companions are under the rubble and have to find an escape route. The protagonist Ochaco and Tsuyu meet again with Yaoyorozu and Iida, who were injured after the collapse. The team band together to carry Iida outside while Bakugo, Kirishima and Kaminari continue the main operation. At some point, however, a huge mass of water appears ?! Is there anything else behind the accident?".

What do you think about it? Will you see the episode Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that this will only be the starter for the fifth season of My Hero Academia, which is currently planned for 2021 and will have new information in October 2020.

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