My hero Academia It is now in the middle of a spectacular saga that is full of twists and turns from side to side. Kohei Horikoshi actually managed to masterfully weave the strings of an extraordinary story arc, in which the villains also moved.

Each chapter of the manga may complicate the lives of the heroes, as numerous heroes endanger their lives for the mission. A key goal for peace, and one of the most terrifying events since the advent of All for one. However, among the ranks of an ever more powerful rogue front, one of the fraudulent most puzzling characters stands out, Dabi.

The latter has already shown that he has a strong connection to Endeavor, and several theories have recognized him as the # 1 prodigal son. However, his sudden appearances and power have enabled him to become a character that is highly valued by the community and reflects the numerous manifestations of creativity that fans occasionally dedicate to him. One of them is curated by the talent of Sugizaki Ryuuha which combined the art of cosplay with that of illustration. By the Photobashing technologyThe cosplayer combined the phenomenon of photography with editing and achieved an extremely fascinating result that lies between real and fan art.

And you, instead, what do you think about this creation, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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