The immense repertoire that Marvel comics has presented over the years, has sometimes deviated from the main earth, the 616, and has led us to alternative universes in which the authors have been able to rewrite and insert many of the most popular characters of fans into textures that have never been seen before, like it does for the Ultimate Universe.

Born in the early 2000s, The ultimate universe is on Earth in 1610and although he proposed many extravagant ideas, he was recognized as a canon in the great Marvel production. Recently, and not surprisingly, thanks to the music, fans have returned to the universe in question for a moment Volume 26 by Venom.

In fact, Eddie Brock and his son Dylan suddenly end up in an unknown location while Dylan's nightmares about the terrible deity Knull are being worked out. As soon as they get there, they are greeted by The maker, the name given to the Ultimate version by Reed Richars or Mr. Fantastic by Fantastic 4. Eddie explains the situation to Reed, but soon gets into a conflict with his new enemy virus.

Thanks to a time portal generated by The Maker Eddie and Dylan manage to escape and land directly on Earth in 1610or in the ultimate universe. You can see the scene in question in the table at the end of the news.

Although the Ultimate universe was "destroyed" after the Secret Wars event, the latest edition of the Spider-Men II series has shown the return of another dimension, so it may not be entirely impossible to think of new versions for main superhero.

Remember that Manhattan has recently seen changes thanks to Moon Knight and that the Dark Ages event will begin soon.

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