Through the filtration of a photograph of the interior of the Type-Moon museum in Japan, a series of stills on display was revealed, corresponding to the animation for the epilogue “Last Episode” of the visual novel Fate / Stay Night, carried out by the studios Ufotable.

Previously, a well-known leaker on Twitter had already announced that studios had made an animation short about this ending, but no evidence had been offered about it. Notably, "Last Episode" is the epilogue presented in the original light novel, which is unlocked once all five available endings have been completed.

For its part, the most recent project of the Fate / Stay Night franchise by Ufotable studios is the feature film Fate / Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring song, the third film in the “Heaven’s Feel” route trilogy. This feature film was scheduled to be released on March 28, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan, it had to be postponed until April 25. Finally, since the effects of the pandemic prevailed, the film's release is currently postponed indefinitely.

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