Molo has fought too long and it seems that Toyotaro still doesn't want to dedicate himself to the end of this saga of Dragon Ball Super. After the failure of Neo Namek and that of Goku on Earth, Vegeta seemed to be able to put an end to the infamous destruction of the goat demon, but he too had to bow permanently.

Molo's strength increased with his skills thanks to the absorption of Android 73 at the Dragon Ball Super 61 final. In Chapter 62, however, he showed that he also acquired the special abilities of the alien cyborg, including the ability to mimic others' abilities. Get loud the forced spiritual split Vegeta learned on Yardrat Piccolo, the protagonists, would lose even if they used the mergers Molo was able to separate the bodies immediately.

Piccolo's reasoning certainly has a small mistake Given the arrival of Merus, we won't see Dragon Ball Super at work anymore at the end of the chapter. In any case, physical contact between the two bodies is necessary for the activation of the Force, and for this reason, if he had faced Gogeta, Molo could have stood up to him by avoiding the attacks and fighting at speed and speed.

We'll never know if Gogeta or Vegeth You would have been strong enough to stand up to Molo. What do you think?

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