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Komi-san Can’t Communicate 2 – Chapter 10: Valentine’s Day

After returning from the school trip comic Have a little hesitation about how to start the conversation Katou Y sasakito thank them. The same happens with them who hesitate to talk to the others. Tadanosee comic Hesitation gives him a little push that helps him in the end comic, Katou Y sasaki.

with the day of valentines day so close, a mine invite comic Prepare chocolates at home that follow Otori. Now at home a minethey meet three of the four brothers younger than infant: kazuya (6 years), Lullaby (6 years) and Older brother (3 years). Although at first comic She struggles with them, they end up getting along and they encourage her to use her beautiful voice more. Although they accomplished their goal of making chocolates like cakes, they ended up eating it all among those in attendance.

The day of valentines dayShe is nervous and reluctant to give her her chocolate Tadano at his locker and walked away as voices approached. However, he manages to give away and exchange chocolates Najimi, yamai, Nakanaka, Agari, catai, Yadano, a mine, Otori, Katou Y sasaki. For his part Tadano just get a chocolate from friends of catai. Which completely discourages him.

already at home, Tadano still dejected, he is teased by his sister for only getting chocolate from a boy. However, at your request Tadano ends meeting comic right on your doorstep. comic He went to give him a paper from the committee, which he did not attend. Tadano He thanks her and they both go their separate ways. But not long after comic run back, call Tadano with his voice and gave him the best chocolate he has ever made.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 10

A day full of feelings

Although the arc in anime is generally cliche whether or not you have a specific pair from the start, the event of valentines day also had some weight Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 10 because of friendship chocolate. When I first saw this mini bow I won’t deny I was nervous to see how comic i would give them to you And in the end I was very pleased to see her handing them to everyone face to face. Some with more confidence than others. However, part of me also hoped that it would mean a little more work for him to deliver.

Well, although the delivery of chocolates out comic It was the entree of the mini arc, I couldn’t ignore one more detail that comes with it, the boys concern about getting chocolates that day and which ones. Because of this, I felt a certain sadness when I saw it shinobin, sonoda Y Chiarai imagine getting chocolates. But the saddest thing, without a doubt, was the situation Tadano for many reasons.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 10

Tadano was the first friend of comic, but he was the only one on the “list” who didn’t get his chocolate at school. What hurt. He also didn’t get any ‘Duty/Friendship’ a mine or any other of her friends, not even von Najimi What is it [email protected] from everyone’s childhood. what was burning. When he returned home, he was also teased for not receiving any chocolates (the ones from catai because it doesn’t count with men, nor does that of the family). Which hurt doing the full combo.

If I put myself in his shoes, my mood would be down too. I don’t blame him for starting to see everything in a negative light.

Even with the “second chance” you get off comic, it was not like that. At that moment, as a spectator, I felt an emptiness in my chest and a lump in my throat. Going back to take his shoes the moment he thinks about it comic He hates that I’ve reached my limits. Just see and hear comic returning to deliver the chocolate all that uncertainty vanished. Personally, I feel that relief brought me to tears.

I felt quite present the feelings that this arc entailed Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 10, although it’s not the best depiction of it that I’ve seen in the entire anime in general. That being said, I also believe there were two key moments in the development of comicas they have shown lately: when it gets the ‘push’ from Tadano come closer Katou Y sasakiand when Tadano He mentions his delight at Komi’s chocolates. The eyes of Schuko they don’t lie

A bad omen for Komi-san

That previous episode It seemed to me that there were some moments with lower animation quality than the other seasons. However inside Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 10 It seemed to me that the vast majority of what was shown was of somewhat/fairly poor quality. With a greater disproportion in the characters, with scenarios that seemed flat to me without giving any background to the perception, somewhat robotic movements and a somewhat strange “drawing” of some characters, regardless of their perspective on the stage.

For example, as soon as the anime started, my bad feeling started in the scene where comic She is unsure how to talk to her Katou Y sasaki after the class trip. The “extra” characters, or those who were out of focus, ceded the lead comic, they had a fairly low quality drawing design. With very straight shots that I felt were very “stiff”. Even his facial expressions didn’t look as good to me as those shown in other chapters.


Of course, while there are many other scenes where I feel the quality wasn’t at all the same as what was shown, that doesn’t mean the entire episode was bad for me in that regard. Has its redeeming moments, like the close-ups of the reactions of comic and the scene of the delivery of chocolates comic a Tadano.

To be honest I’m disappointed Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 10, an event with as much potential as it is valentines day, so the animation quality wasn’t even the same as in other episodes of the same season. So close to the end, I hope that’s the only small hiccup Komi-san cannot communicate 2 In this aspect.

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