Among the numerous productions that over the course of these long years have managed to establish themselves with more force on the market, one of the most important can only be Dragon Ball, the creature of Akira Toriyama which has managed to establish itself as the spearhead of an entire genre, with millions of fans spread all over the world.

The fame obtained from production, first from the manga and then from all the other related projects, including animated series, films, video games and much more, has thus led various companies to create as many themed products as possible, gadgets of all shapes and sizes designed to delight a practically boundless user and always hungry for news.

This time, however, to have attracted the interest of the fans we find the boys of S.H.Figuarts, who presented to all their fans a magnificent Dragon Ball themed figures specifically dedicated to Piccolo. The product has been revealed through some images that you can view by clicking on the source of this news, which have shown the great work done to reproduce in the best way our well-known warrior. According to what was announced by the company, the figure will be sold at a price fortunately affordable for everyone and equal to about € 55 - shipping costs excluded -, with the release that has been currently set for November 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently the harsh words of the editor of Dragon Ball, who had defined the work as a useless comic, had made a lot of talk. Moreover, always in the last few days a lot of speculations have emerged on the character of Oolong present in Dragon Ball, which seems to be a caricature of Chinese communism

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