Among the numerous companies that have managed to impose themselves strongly in the anime / manga industry, one of the best known is certainly the Kyoto Animation, deserving to have made some of the best animated productions of the last few years thus bringing a huge audience of fans closer to it.

Unfortunately, however, last year Kyoto Animation faced a terrible disaster, an arson that unfortunately, in addition to the obvious merely economic damage - either for the destroyed properties, or for the projects postponed -, also caused the death of several members of the company. Just recently, moreover, Kyoto Animation had dealt with its situation, in fact announcing that the resumption of the works would have been slower than usual, also because of the difficulties that had arisen with the arrival of the Coronavirus.

In short, the last few months have been very difficult for the study, but apparently it would seem that finally, after a long time, good news is about to knock on the company door. Over the past few hours, the Osaka Police Detention Center has announced that it will arrest Shinji Aoba later in the week, the suspect who had been identified as guilty of the fire. The man, in fact, after the fact had not managed to escape from the crime scene, remaining in fact involved in the disaster and ending up reporting several third-degree burns. Now that Aoba has recovered almost completely, the police will take him into custody and the man will have to answer for his actions, which caused the death of 36 people.

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