Months after the announcement finally too Dragon Quest: Give the great adventure has officially joined the Fall News on Japanese Animation, along with Digimon Adventure 2020, another major remake of TOEI Animation.

To the surprise of fans of the manga by Riku Sanjo and Koji Inata, this new work also involved artists who have contributed to the creation of Dragon Ball Super in the past. Like all projects of this kind, The nostalgic vein is the basis for the realization of the episodesand if the fans were easily won over by the first episode, the sequences shown in both the opening and the end anticipated other important events for Dai and his companions.

L 'Opening theme with the title β€œIkiru o Suru”, Was composed and performed by the group known as Macaroni Enpitsu, which also published the endingβ€œ Mother ”. You can find the videos in question at the bottom of the news in the posts shared by @RanobeSugoi on Twitter.

Although nothing is known about a hypothetical Italian adaptation and dubbing of the anime, it is possible to follow the remake of Dai La Grande Avventura to the simulcast service of the Crunchyroll sitewho describes the series in the following words: β€œThe world that was once plagued by Hadlar, the Dark Lord, has finally found peace again thanks to the actions of a knight named 'The Hero' and his companions. Delmurin Island has become a place where monsters spring from the remains of the Dark Lord. Come on, the only person on the island who's out to be a hero, live quietly with monsters. However, with Hadlar's rebirth, his life is completely turned upside down. With the promises of masters, meetings with friends and a fate that cannot be avoided ... Dai's adventure to save the world and his mission to become a hero begin! ".

Recall that the exorbitant number of episodes that will make up the series has already been revealed, and we leave you to our analysis of the first episode of the Dai La Grande Avventura remake.

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