While the trailer for the movie "Diamond is Unbreakable" is already available, here's a fun video produced by a Jojo and Adventure Time fan who decided to make one Cross between the two plants.

YouTube user By Hadi shared the on the famous streaming platform Diamond is an unbreakable theme songbut recreate it in the original Adventure Time world. As you can see in the video at the end of the news, Finn and Jake, the two protagonists of Cartoon Network's work, have become Josuke Higashitaka and Okuyasu, respectively. From the comments on YouTube it appears that the decision to make Koichi BMO convinced the many fans of the two series, while the famous Ice King transformed into Jotaro Kujo for the occasion, accompanied by his Star Platinum booth. became a penguin.

In a few days the video will have more than 5,000 views, but we are sure that they will increase again in the coming weeks, considering how imaginative and skillful the author is in recreating the famous theme of the fourth part of JoJo.

Finally, we would like to inform you not only that this diamond is an unbreakable Easter egg, but also that the implementation of Stone ocean, although we still don't know when the first episodes will be available.

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