Chapter 1013 of ONE PIECE has shocked the numerous readers of the work of Eiichiro Odaexcited to see how the adventures of the protagonists led by Luffy and the other original characters in the manga will continue.

On the pages of the new chapter of ONE PIECE We witnessed the clash between Big Mom and Kid: As previously announced, the two are destined to clash again until they determine a winner. In the meantime, we've also been following the events of Zeus, a cloud created by Big Mom. In the previous volumes she was also in the service of Nami, who then revealed that he would reunite with one of the four emperors. in the Chapter 1013While Zeus goes to Big Mom, he finds Nami, to whom he apologizes for the betrayal, but receives no answer. When Zeus reaches his beloved, he finds other clouds: Big Mom actually reveals that he has decided to replace him and orders Hera to use him to get stronger.

At this point Zeus hits Big Mom and explains to Nami that he regrets his gesture and wants to sacrifice himself for her. Nami tries to help Zeus, but the cloud is eventually eaten by Hera, who gets even stronger. Finally, the reactions of ONE PIECE fans to the death of another manga character.

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