The news about the X-Men continues: after the trial of Magneto, Marvel announced on a page of Away from X. the return of a famous mutate opponent under the leadership of Charles Xavier. Let's find out who it is.

As I said, in the second edition of the series, entitled "Way of X", the true identity of Patchwork man, a mysterious figure who began to threaten the island of Krakoa and its people. Nightcrawler in particular has decided to find out the real identity of his opponent and speak to Legion about it. During a dialogue between the two, Nightcrawler asks his interlocutor if he knows the name Patchwork and receives a positive answer: As you can read in the picture below in the news, this is the case Rush.

This famous character was born from the subconscious of Xavier and Magneto and burdened not only the mutants, but the entire cast of characters from the Marvel ComicsIn addition, the effects of the fight against the onslaught formed the basis for the crossover titled "The Heroes Rebirth". Over the past few weeks, however, Marvel executives have unveiled a new team of X-Men who will be the protagonist of the Reign Of X books and who were selected through a fan poll.

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