The final chapter of One-Punch Man showed us an important rescue from Fubuki. Meanwhile, a fan of the manga written and drawn by One has a clash with the famous Garou.

At the bottom of the news, you can find the video that the channel shared on YouTube PipMitten animationwho decided to animate a not yet released part for fans of the anime dedicated to Saitama. In particular, we can witness the challenge between Garou and the heroes of the S-Class in this video, which lasts more than ten minutes and demonstrates the great attention to detail of the author, who has obviously chosen to make the animation with a compared to simpler to produce the previous two seasons of One-Punch Man. The video has had notable success among its numerous fans: it actually surpassed 100,000 views with over 3,000 likes, while in the comments section, fans of One's work discuss the next challenges the protagonists will have to overcome while others discuss the controversial second season is considered less successful than the first.

We are sure that we will learn more details about the future of work in the coming months. In the meantime, we leave you with this original cosplay dedicated to One-Punch Man and a possible crossover with the Protagonist of Spider-Man.

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