After starting a very hard workout at night, However, Asta was left behind. For this reason, in Black Clover with the last chapters of Yuki Tabata we mainly saw the forces of the Dark Triad, the great antagonists of this saga along with the demons. And their plan went beyond the kingdom of swords.

One of the gigantic devils summoned by the Dark Triad was actually advancing towards the Kingdom of Klee, and the intervention of Damnatio and Julius was not enough to stop it. While all seemed lost, the Black Clover protagonist returns thundering. in the Chapter 282 by Black CloverAsta first distracts the devil's attack and then starts his union mode with love.

Asta is then given a type of black armor with wings that allow him to move freely in the air. For now the demonic power can only be checked by Asta for five minutesbut in this case they are enough: board by board, while the civilians watch the scene from below, concerned about the situation, Asta first cuts the giant devil's arm, then cuts it in half so that his head flies.

However, he has not ceased to admire his victory since then Black Clover Ends 282The protagonist decides to immediately go to the Kingdom of Swords to help his friends.

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