The relationship between Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo is an integral part of the plot of My hero academy. We witness their journey from childhood friends to foes within the walls of the Yuei in the four unreleased artworks shared by assistant Shota Noguchi.

As soon as possible theAssistant to Kohei Horikoshi He usually gives some original sketches to My Hero Academia fans. Very often these represent Mirko or his favorite pair, which consists of Deku and Bakugo.

Through the last illustration shared by Noguchi, we relive the rcontribution between the two protagonists, which he called "DKBK". We begin in a series of four images distant times when Midoriya and Katsuki were friends and they shared food. Although they were good friends, even then, Bakugo was very spiteful towards his colleague. In a second picture, we see little Bakugo with a nosebleed, probably just from a fight with Izuku himself.

The final two artworks are instead set during the early months of Yuei High School, when the two novices competed to determine which of them would be the worthy heir to All Might. Those scenes are long gone and Calm settled between the two. In fact, the pathetic states Bakugo is in unleashes Deku's fury in My Hero Academia 367.

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