I'm waiting to find out what the future of the series will be like Kaguya-sama: Love is war With author Aka Akasaka stepping down and new works confirmed, A-1 Pictures is back to preview some sequences of the film The First Kiss Never Ends, due for a December 2022 release in Japan.

Released first on the film's official website and then on the official channels and pages, the trailer that you find at the top of the news grabs viewers immediatelyChristmas spirit to then more accurately foresee the events that this time will affect the protagonists. The promotional video also teased the film's main theme music, "love is showby Masayuki Suzuki, who edited all the opening theme tracks for the anime seasons, and Ren Takagi.

This was also confirmed by Aniplex of America The film won't hit select US theaters until February 2023, while nothing was specified about the release period in Europe and the platform or service through which it will be distributed. Tell us what you think about the new trailer of Kaguya-sama: Love is War The First Kiss Never Ends movie in the comments.

Finally we leave you the Christmas posters dedicated to the film and a beautiful cosplay dedicated to Kaguya-sama.

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