The Villains appear to have the clear advantage in the war being waged in the early stages of Season 6 of My hero academy. The return of Shigaraki to the battlefield and the destructive power of Gigantomachia weigh on the heroes, who, however, still manage to be the protagonists of extraordinary rescue operations.

So far The Pro Heroes Attack on Dr. Garaki's lab Interrupting the process of empowering Shigaraki and then escaping the Nomu took the life of Shield, who managed to use his powers to free Eraserhead from an enemy's grasp. This time, in Episode 6x08, a Yuei student made an heroic rescue.

1-A and 1-B students banded together to face the threat of gigantomachy, even devise a plan for their destruction. However, to stop him, he must come into contact with a powerful sleeping pill, and Ashido is the one to lunge at the enemy. However, as you can see from the clip shared by the anime's official site, Ashido risks being overwhelmed by Gigantomachia just to be saved at the last second by Kirishima, MVP of the episode.

Finally, we leave you with the promotional video of My Hero Academia Episode 6x09, out on Crunchyroll on November 26th, 2022.

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