A post by Twitter user annaancoco was shared on a popular forum, revealing a very specific episode linked to one cult franchisethat we talk about in the Neon Genesis Evangelion special.

The story of this young Japanese man has gone viral on the internet and revolves around a dialogue with his psychoanalyst. "When I went to the psychiatric ward, I wore one Neon Genesis Evangelion T Shirtby Kaworu Nagisa' said the boy. The doctor then asks the patient if they're a fan of the franchise, adding in the affirmative: "Don't watch Neon Genesis Evangelion if you're depressed. Don't look at Kaworu-kun."

These are Events 2017 and the boy today declares himself on the road to recovery and a big fan of the franchise. A Twitter user asked him what it was Kaworu Nagisa T-Shirt. "Was it the one from the TV series? Was it the one from The End of Evangelion? Was it the one from Rebuild of Evangelion?". In fact, the versions of the character differ depending on the series, albeit slightly. And Annaancoco replies that it was a t-shirt from the original series for television.

What do you think of the medical advice? We are curious about yours. As you think about it, you can observe and appreciate the care taken with the winged Kaworu action figure.

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