After a long wait, the adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden in Boruto has finally started. Looking for a cure for Naruto's terminal illness, somehow connected to the Hermit of the Six Paths, the Shadow of the Hokage has set out for the land of Redaku. The Uchiha will no longer be alone on his mission.

In Boruto Episode 282, Sasuke Uchiha arrivedRedaku Observatory, a place that seems to hide the secrets of Hagoromo Otsutsuki but is now used as a prison. The prisoners are forced to do hard labor to build a new telescope, and Sasuke has decided to break in to search for Rikudo Sennin's manuscripts.

Sasuke has already had to deal with Meno, a dinosaur who guards the prisoners to prevent them from escaping, and Zansul, the facility's mysterious director. The Sharingan seems to be completely ineffective on both and Sasuke's quest becomes complicated almost to the point of impossibility.

In episode 283 of Boruto Sasuke is accompanied by his wife Sakura. In the second installment of this saga, titled Sasuke Retsuden: Constellations, the two Konoha ninjas discover that within the rooms of Zansul lies an underground chamber that hides a dark secret. That the cure for Naruto's illness is hiding right in the director's room? Boruto 283 will debut January 15, 2023 Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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