chainsaw man It is a work full of mysteries and details that Tatsuki Fujimoto tends to reveal to the readers with great twists and turns as the narrative progresses. However, the author seems to have intentionally added a number that is repeated in several tables. Why is? We're trying to figure it out thanks to the various theories that have been suggested by fans.

In the post at the bottom of the page, user @Lightning446 highlighted some of the scenes that feature the number in question: 108087, which only appeared from the second part of the manga and thus from the introduction of the character Asa Mitaka and the war devil Yoru. There is no direct connection within the series to this exact figure, which is why the community has started to come up with very interesting hypotheses.

The first is the numbers 87 and 108 would come from the list of 108 earthly desires of Buddhism, where they each depict obsessing over someone's flaws and hiding someone's sins. The second would instead result in dividing the number into 10-8-0-8-7 a tribute to Hanachika Toyama, Fujimoto's assistant who also did the backgrounds for Goodbye Eri and autographed the one-shot Doctor Mermaid. The third and less likely theory sees the number as a instead six-digit code for a site that illegally uploads hentai.

As usual, let us know in the comments if you noticed this detail in the series and what you think of the theories. Finally, we want to remind you that Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 is on MangaPlus and we leave you with the Top 3 Monsters of Chainsaw Man Season 1.

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