Eiichiro Oda created a huge world in which his characters fight in a variety of ways. There are those who use the powers of the devil fruits, those who use the haki, and then those who use a large number of weapons. The most popular in ONE PIECE are undoubtedly the swordsand the main crew has a character who knows how to use them very well.

Roronoa Zoro strives to become the most powerful swordsman in the seas by ONE PIECE and to do this he decided to develop his own techniques based on a three-sword style, one held in the mouth and the other two in the hands. Let's see what swords the boy uses in the course of work.

Zoro's first two swords are two unnamed katanas that accompanied the pirate for a short time in the manga. Together with the two there was the Wado Ichimonji, a sword that formerly belonged to Kuina and is one of 21 well-made swords, the Ō wazamono. The latter is the only one who didn't fall to pieces after the first fight between Zoro and Mihawk.

In Logue Town, Zoro replaced the two nameless swords with the Sandai Kitetsu, a well-made sword (wazamono), but which is said to be cursed. After passing the exam unscathed, the merchant gave Zoro the second sword, the Yubashiri, a sword of exquisite workmanship that Shu of the Navy had unfortunately destroyed while escaping the Enies lobby.

The latter it was replaced by Shusui almost immediatelymet the sword of the legendary samurai Ryuma at Thriller Bark. The sword trio took a very large part of Zoro's journey in ONE PIECE and only recently stopped in Wanokuni. In return for Shusui, Hiyori gives Zoro the Enma sword that belonged to Kozuki Oden. For the functions shown so far, the Zoro's strongest sword is undoubtedly Enma and could also be the blade that will lead to Kaido's death.

What if Zoro had a devil fruit? Oda lets us know what could happen to the character in that case.

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