ONE PIECE 995: A battle between big shots and an unexpected rescue

Two weeks have passed since ONE PIECE 994. The manga had actually taken a temporary break from Weekly Shonen Jump. But the magazine is ready to publish that Chapter 995 of ONE PIECE Let's see what will happen in the next issue.

Completed the mini-adventures of Capone Bege and his crew, the first page of ONE PIECE 995 shows us a Luffy who is not studying while the title is "The Oath of a Kunoichi". Away from the main scene Big Mom faces Marco. The phoenix manages to counter Prometheus' fire without any problems, but the empress grabs the opponent and makes him helpless for the blow of Perospero. But before it can attack, Wanda and the Sulong-shaped carrot grab his face and scar him.

The Two minks want revenge on Pedro's death and the two of them will take care of Big Mama's sweets. The Empress instead wants to be at the center of the fight and after letting go of Marco and revealing that she has no souls against him, she returns to the main square of Onigashima. Marco will have to stop them, but the man hears the screams caused by the queen's illness.

Apoo still runs away but is attacked by Zoro and X-Drake. Queen watches the scene and thinks about it kill the second and third strongest man in Luffy's crew as soon as possiblebut he didn't expect a Vinsmoke to be in the enemy group. Meanwhile, thanks to Brook, Chopper understands something about the disease, but unfortunately he is hit in the right arm and begins to freeze.

Somewhat outside of this area Usopp and Nami lose the fight against Page One and Ulti. Nami is injured on the ground, Usopp has also lost blood on his face. It still manages to hit Ulti, who is quickly freed from side one. The two dinosaurs have no problem with Usopp's attacks, who instead are badly hit in the head by Ulti. The girl then grabs Nami to force her to take back Luffy's words, but the navigator claims that Luffy will become the king of the pirates. Just before the last blow Tama intervenes on the last page of ONE PIECE 995 causing Ulti to attack from his Komainu. Did young Kunoichi come to save the day?

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