The attack of the giants and the theory of the child: will it matter for the end?

Also earlier this month Hajime Isayama prepared and published a new chapter of his bestseller in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The Giants 134 attack was full of impressive scenes, some terrifying, others that illuminate with a touch of hope.

Among the many scenes from The Attack of the Giants that shocked fans, there was one that seems particularly symbolic. The reference refers to the last page of the consequence of death in the first half of the chapter. A mother is about to fall into the abyss and tosses her child into the crowd, still in diapers, in the hope that they will at least be saved. People manage to hold it up until it comes firmly set against the advancing horde of colossal giants.

According to several fans, this gesture can mean many things: The reference refers to the successful delivery of Historia, who wanted to give birth to her first child on the first page. According to others, it's a instead Reference to the last page of The Attack of the Giants what Hajime Isayama sketched a few months ago and showed on a television show.

Whatever the answer, Attack of the Giants audience strives to finally understand how this symbol should be read this side.

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