Occasionally, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announces the debut of new manga ready to replace completed or canceled works. In this regard, we already have some initial information about the series that will replace Demon Slayer, the manga now on the home straight. The title of the work in question is Time Paradox Ghost Writer.

The announcement of the new manga comes directly from the pages of the last issue of Jump, with a short preview that seems to borrow a scene from the popular anime of Steins; Gate. Anyway, some news about the comic book of the duo composed by the writer emerged from the first leaks of this week's magazine Kenji Ichima and the designer Tsunehiro Date. Both authors had previously collaborated, always for the main Shueisha magazine. Anyway, the preview of Time Paradox Ghost Writer follows here:

"Does anyone have a 10-year Shonen Jump number in the future ?! A controversial and space-time shaking work has just begun! The arrival of a stranger! Destiny is starting to move ...! could not come! The time has come for a voluminous and amazing show! 54 pages with lots of color pages!
Does a young aspiring mangaka get a Weekly Shonen Jump issue from 10 years in the future ?! "

A particularly funny description, but one that combines some of the characteristics of Seins; Gate to the popular manga of Ohba and Obata, Bakuman. And you, instead, what do you think of this manga, inspire you? Let us know with a comment below.

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