My Hero Academia becomes LEGO thanks to a fan’s custom set

LEGO bricks have been back on the crest of the waves for years. Not only new sets, but themed video games accompanied by famous franchises and even films. Their popularity seems to know no bounds and has actually conquered the world of anime and manga as well. Many want gods My Hero Academia themed LEGO.

Fans often work to contain the shortcomings of the official sets, as happened at the Dragon Ball Supreme Palace, which was recreated in LEGO, while someone else used the famous bricks to build a 1: 1 gold experience. And after these souls the My Hero Academia’s turn, with jt14576 sharing his latest creations on Reddit.

By sharing two images that have been quite successful on the social network, we see the realization of a LEGO by Endeavor and Mina Ashido First, with their heroic qualities: the first releases flames from the hand, the second its special acidity. But obviously the creation of the heroes of My Hero Academia in the LEGO version by the fan did not stop there.

As you can see in the second picture, in the little shelf that was created ad hoc, many other characters are being created like new Ochako Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui and All Might in a muscular version. Would you like them in an official set?

Some custom Lego minifigures that I found at a r / BokuNoHeroAcademia comic shop
As a result of my last post, here is everything the shop had available for mha figurines. by r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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