In Onigashima, battle ensues between the Tobiroppo and the Mugiwara, who are still waiting for their captain to return to the castle after Kaido's defeat. To defend the honor of the Straw Hat Pirates ONE PIECE 1044 it will be up to Nico Robin.

It started in episode 1042 of ONE PIECE Clash between Robin and Black Mariain which the Mugiwara archaeologist fell into a nightmare that made her relive the events of Ohara and the final, horrifying moments before the Navy called the Bustercall.

In ONE PIECE 1043 it was Brook instead that he fell victim to Illusions by Black Maria. The skeleton musician was also forced to see his comrades again and kill them with his own hands. Now that they are freed from the bonds of the past, Robin and Brook must face Black Maria.

in the Preview of episode 1044 of ONE PIECE However, we see Robin still thinking back to his childhood. Was she subdued again by Tobiroppo? Meanwhile, Luffy is finally awake, but before he can return to battle to protect his companions, he must recover by gorging on absurd amounts of food. The next episode of the ONE PIECE anime is airingDecember 11, 2022 Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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