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Chapter 22: Underground Tennis Tournament

Loid and Fiona enter a tennis tournament, which is not at all legal and totally abnormal, to get a painting that may contain important codes. They dress up, Fiona made them husbands and they compete and surprise everyone because they easily win their fights, even the one against a couple totally intoxicated with illegal substances. But the secret "champions" come, play with modified racquets, set complications and win the first set. In the second, Loid and Fiona decide to give it all and win, but the brothers ask for help and the ground begins to change against the spies. The game still goes on.

chapter opinion

I have a particular taste for tennis, so I always look forward to chapters that feature the sport. The chapter proceeds as expected, Loid and Fiona win without much effort or setbacks, then level up until they reach an enemy delaying the mission. A normal and effective formula. What draws my attention in this chapter is the external implications of the mission, that is, what Fiona expects and what Yor feels. On the other hand, the duo we see is very good, they complement each other well and understand each other without speaking. Although the chapter wasn't that convincing in the end precisely because they are so good.

played for love

We are literally in a love triangle right now, a murderer and a spy engaged in a cold war over a spy. Fiona and Yor for the unsurpassed Loid. Fiona knows more about him and more time has passed, but Yor has given her joy that the first one didn't have. Although Anya's stepmother is afraid that Fiona might take it away from her and that could be for two reasons: jealousy or fear of being single again and being suspicious. It seems to me that it's a mix of the two because she couldn't deny that she's having a good time with the Forger family. But what will happen in this duel, in which there seems to be no clear winner, not yet.

Little tennis facts

If some have not understood how tennis works, a small guide so that they do not get lost and shout the possible triumph of Loid. First the points are 15, 30, 40 and 45 (they must reach 45) but if they are equal at 40 they go to a Two and whoever has two points in a row first wins games (play). To win a set you must win 6 games (Plays) with an advantage of two (i.e. at least 6-4, 6-5 is not possible, if this happens the one with 6 must reach 7). To win the match, you usually have to win 2 out of 3 sets. And one of the things the first couple said: strikethe Grand Slams They are the 4 biggest tennis tournaments and these competitions are usually played in 5 sets. I hope I wasn't too confusing, I was missing a few things but I'll keep it short.

The next chapter seems to be the result of the tournament, although it may take a bit longer to reach chapter 24, which to my knowledge is the final chapter of this season.

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