ONE-PIECE: RED It turned out to be one of Toei Animation's greatest hits and was the highest-grossing film in franchise history. An exciting story, however, it presented a real challenge for the director Goro Taniguchi and the artists involved in the production, as can be seen in the video The Making of ONE PIECE: RED.

"What is ONEPIECE?With that question, Taniguchi begins to recall his approach to directing the film. He came up with the idea of ​​adding a character with weight to the film, and after discussing it with producer Kuroiwa and getting Eiichiro Oda's approval, he settled on Emperor Shanks. Enter such an important character in the story and universe of the seriesand of which not much is known yet, involved hours of direct collaboration with the mangaka and internal discussions within the production team.

From the attention paid to making every line of Shanks perfect and meaningful, to the care taken in realizing the concert scene and giving the right meaning of the music in the film and the internal organizational component of the team, in the video that you can find at the top of the news, Taniguchi and many of the key figures in the production can be traced more intensive phases of realization from ONE-PIECE: RED.

Finally, we leave you with our exclusive interview featuring Luffy's voices and our review of ONE PIECE: RED.

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