The initial phase of the conflict between heroes and villains was marked by heavy casualties on both sides. There goes the direct comparison between One For All and All For One, in episode 6x10 of My Hero Academy A marginal but possibly more brutal fight starring Uravity has been announced.

Ochaco Uraraka and some of his A-1 classmates were busy keeping civilians out and safe from the destruction of war and the arrival of Gigantomachy on the battlefield. As Deku and Shigaraki demonstrate their impressive skills, an old lady approaches Uraraka and asks her to follow her because she needs help.

Indeed, the woman is Himiko toga, who thanks to her Quirk Transformation managed to separate Uraraka from the rest of the group to be able to ask her something very bizarre. Toga attacks the heroine, holding a knife to her throat want to know what it means to be a hero. The villain has always proven to be a very unique character, with an unpredictable personality and a twisted worldview. Aspects that make it one of the biggest threats to the Paranormal Liberation Front by any measure.

What do you think of the sudden confrontation between Uraraka and Toga? Who will win? Tell us in the comments. Here is the trailer of My Hero Academia Episode 6x11, coming soon Saturday December 10th, 2022 on Crunchyroll.

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