The new chapter of Black Clover has the many fans of the Manga by Yuki TabataWe are waiting to find out how the story of Asta and the other characters continues and we recommend this cosplay dedicated to Vanessa Enoteca.

At the bottom of the news you will find the post shared on the official Instagram account of @cosplaykatxIndeed, the model recreated the design of the famous character that grew out of an idea throughout history Japanese mangaka. The sorceress then became part of the original team of "Black bull", an organization that is part of the Kingdom of Clover and that brought together the scraps of the other wizarding teams. Vanessa's encounter with Asta will change her life forever and lead her to become more reliable and powerful. foto was a huge success among the many fans of the manga and received over 5,000 likes and fifty comments.

For those of you who are new to the successful work of Yuki Tabata, please note that the anime is available in the Crunchyroll catalog, while the manga is published by Planet Manga and is currently available for purchase 24 volumes of the saga. The titles of the next Black Clover episodes have also been shared over the past few weeks.

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