A few days after the debut of The attack of the giants 4 There are still many unanswered questions. In fact, there have been few rumors about the number of episodes of the anime and how it has spread in the past few weeks. On the latter point, the latest confirmation from Netflix is ​​striking.

The attack of the giants 4 is split in two, or at least this seemed to be evident from an enigmatic contribution by the director. Since then, the community has debated the importance of Twitter and to this day some of them have been hoping for a single and long rant without a month-long break. But in order to finally eradicate this hypothesis, it came directly into question Netflix JP Who started sending the first notifications to fans.

The Japanese section of the American giant began warning fans of the anime's upcoming debut for a few days. However, according to Netflix, the title of the series is explicitly "The last season part 1"which indirectly confirms that The last season was split into two parts, the first of 16 episodes and the second, about which we know little and nothing. Certainly a certain formula, but on the other hand it helps MAP study to catch my breath in a very short time given the production.

And, on the other hand, were you sure of this subdivision of The Giants' Attack 4? As usual, please let us know in the comments section below.

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