DC Comics presented the Doom Metal event, which also included the Justice League for five volumes, beginning with the next, the 53rd. The crossover will bring together America's strongest superheroes in the storylines told in Dark Nights: Death Metal and show Nightwing on a mission to free the Legion of Doom from Perpetua.

To accomplish this difficult task Nightwing turns to Lex Luthor for helpand alongside the new League of the Just, they will face a new threat to Earth, this time from the Dark Multiverse.

Doom metal begins with Dick Grayson's discovery of the existence of a Justice League several years before the hero got involved. While no storyline information has been leaked, we can expect a lot from it Clashes and encounters, to say the least, extravagantGiven the developments in the Death Metal newspaper and its spin-off series related to it.

In fact, we saw the confirmation of Batman Laughing as the protagonist and the appearance of alternative versions of the Dark Knight, like the T-Rex Batman, the Robin King and even a Bruce Wayne, the Watchmens Dr. Manhattan is very similar.

THE five volumes of Doom Metal is written by Joshua Williamson with the drawings from Xermanico, and we leave you to the extraordinary covers that are expected from DC Comics. We also remember that the Death Metal series explained the origins of the Batmobeast

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