If you are an avid fan of the huge Dragon Ball franchise, you will surely know that countless characters have left over the course of the series, including supporting actors and antagonists more or less in the background who then suddenly returned to the scene with great fanfare. as if nothing happened.

Over the course of the various chapters of the franchise, the ease with which so many "deceased" characters have come back into the spotlight has led many to create a real meme. Well, through the latest episode Super Dragon Ball Heroes - a series that still talks a lot about itself thanks to the many thematic gadgets - another old acquaintance has returned to get people to discuss under the incredulous eyes of countless fans.

We are actually talking about hearts, a character that many will surely remember as the main antagonist in the Universal Conflict saga. We are undoubtedly talking about one of the most dangerous and intriguing opponents in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes saga, a threat with goals as ambitious as they are risky. A plan that may be too bold as Hearts was eventually eliminated from existence itself. However, in the final scenes of the final episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it is possible to see his reappearance, a sign that he will likely return in the future to pose a threat to our heroes.

Before we say goodbye, we also want to remind you that it was only recently that fans on social media were released for the departure of a well-known character in Dragon Ball Super.

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