Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It was a film that brought many new things both visually and behind the scenes. For example, many don't know that Akira Toriyama's son Sasuke worked on the film, which is also set to inherit the series in the future.

But the most important news certainly concerned Goku's son, gohan, who has become the protagonist of numerous events that have once again put him in the spotlight. In fact, after several years since the last time, Gohan has received a new epic transformation that has allowed him to fight his opponents with unprecedented power.

The companies dedicated to producing scale models naturally wasted no time in paying homage to the character in original reconstructions, like the latest proposal from Sky Top Studio. The company has in fact created a number of Gohan beastor the name of his last transformation, about 36 cm high and offered to the public at a not so exorbitant price: 150 euros in total redeem 50 of them at the time of pre-order. Delivery will take a few months as shipping is expected in the first quarter of 2023.

And you instead, what do you think of this scale model? As always, please let us know with a comment below.

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