Not even a week after the episode Pokémon Explorations Here is the iconic yellow monster dedicated to the relationship between Ash and Pikachu and discussed through a series of leaks. In fact, an insider shared the summary of the anime's next episodes.

Episode 30 was full of quotes and suggested readers some Easter eggs dedicated to the legendary original series from 23 years ago. Anyway, the next episode of the anime They will put the spotlight on Go, still looking for new teammates who will complete his team. insider Ashand Serena followed the content of the following episodes 33, 34 and 35:

  • Episode 33 (August 16) - "A Pokémon trade": Ash and Go go to the Pokémon Exchange Event Kuchiba city. There is a trainer there who wants Pinsir and is obsessed with sharing little monsters;
  • Episode 34 (August 23) - "Saito, the lonely warrior!": Ash and Go go to the Yamabuki dojo, where they fight Pokémon against the gym owner, the Great King of Karate. But before that, the Great King of Karate defeated one of the gym bosses at Galar?
  • Episode 35 (August 30) - "I captured Pikachu": Go also wants to catch a Pikachu and for this reason he goes to a place where there are many!

And you, what do you think about the next episodes, are you curious? Let us know with a comment below.

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