The manga of Dragon Ball Super He goes into a delicate parable because the powers of Goku and Vegeta are at a turning point. The battle against Molo highlighted the boundaries of the two legendary heroes cornered by one of the greatest villains of all time on the field. The figure that stands as "last hope" seems to be Merus.

The arrival of Merus brought numerous theories into his wake, one of which the cancellation risk. As we know, angelic creatures have a categorical ban on giving up their neutrality in order to engage in matters that are not their responsibility, so they are at high risk of grappling with the laws of the universe. Everything, of course, if Toyotaro did not justify entering the scene with a second goal.

With the upcoming release of Volume 13 of Dragon Ball Super, the first information about the Tankobon extras and some elements about the characters came. In this case, Sensei highlighted one essential difference for Whis and Merusin the present case regarding their role. If the latter as "Apprentice angel"Whis will instead be clearly named"Angelo Guida", due to his role in Beerus.

But what exactly is an apprentice angel and in what context should they be placed given the neutrality of the divine creatures? Is there a 13th universe in which the figure of Molo also stands out? Give us your opinion as usual with a comment below.

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