It is clear to all readers that ONE PIECE is about to end. After the end of the Wano saga, Eiichiro Oda has entered so much information and revelations with very few chapters that it is clear that he is starting to pull the strings for the final phase. AND what is happening in Egghead now is another testimony.

Though Rob Lucci awakened his own Devil Fruit, he couldn't handle it in the slightest Luffy's fifth gear attacks. The protagonist of ONE PIECE has absolute strength in this form of freedom and not even his old enemy can stop him. There was absolutely no confrontation between the two at Egghead, although Rob Lucci still managed to achieve an important goal like eliminating Sentomaru, thereby gaining control of the four Seraphim that were on the battlefield.

AND in ONE PIECE 1071 there could be another fight without mercy. The world government with the agents of the CP0 is already setting the island on fire, but in a short time they will be joined by the Navy led by Admiral Kizaru. The warships are already arranging themselves and the next chapter seems partly temporary, only to trigger a major clash pitting Mugiwara against the ONE PIECE judicial forces. On one side are the four Seraphim, the three CP0 agents and Kizaru, on the other side are the Straw Hat Pirates, Bonney and a possible army of Vegapunks. How will this matter be resolved?

ONE PIECE 1071 will not arrive until the new year. The Manga Plus release date is scheduled for January 6 at 4:00 p.m.

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